I reblog this every time it comes up on my dashboard, not because it is a “rule” but because every time I see it the love and sincerity on her face hit me all over again and I think everyone deserves to see that.

And THIS is why I adore Catherine Tate. She’s loud and brash but in quieter moments… her soul comes shining through and it makes everything about her so much more beautiful. 

oh shit I’ve never seen this before and I’m crying.

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I’m too upset to serve food.

What’d you do? Did you lock up?


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perks of dating me: u will be the hot one

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My last words on the matter.

I thought you were the one. I seriously thought we had a connection, and for a brief moment, I know you did too.
However you quickly made it obvious that it wasn’t going to work, and you had no interest in pursuing that.

So now I say- Fuck you. I feel used, abused, and cheated. I deserve better than how you treated me. I was willing to give you my all, and you couldn’t even send me a Snapchat. I’m done chasing after you. I’m done hoping for more.
You’ve shown me a lot, and I’ve learned a lot from you, including what and who I deserve, and I can now declare that you are below me.

One last time-
Fuck you.

I fell in love, I was happy. You moved away, you weren’t happy. I ended up with a broken heart. You wouldn’t let me say goodbye.
You came back. I found you again. We decided we’d try it again. You still aren’t happy. But this time, I’m happy.


josh is the person i want to be…drake is the person i am

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Im only now realizing what I’ve known all along. You’re the poison in my watering-hole.


I swear the fuckin producers of the simpsons knew shit was an issue before anyone opened their eyes.

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You better fucking reblog this guys


You better fucking reblog this guys

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i love how you can see him going from “wh-” to “goofy you piece of shit”

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